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Submission of Highway eManifests to both US and Canada Customs
The ACE-lerate eManifest Portal, powered by CrimsonLogic is designed to simplify and expedite cargo movements across borders. It provides a direct connection to US and Canada Customs authorities for submission of highway eManifests to ensure the highest level of control and customs compliance.

The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) is the U.S. trade processing system of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to automate border processing and to enhance border security. The advance submission of manifest data by truck carriers or their designated agents ensures proper risk assessment of cargo takes place before goods enter the U.S.


ACI Highway eManifest is an extension of the ACI ocean and air initiatives that will require the electronic transmission of advance cargo and conveyance information to CBSA from carriers for all highway shipments before entering Canada. 

CBSA ACI Highway eManifest is the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. CBP Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) eManifest program. Transmission of highway cargo and conveyance data must be received and processed by the CBSA a minimum of one hour before arrival at First Point of Entry.

  Key Benefits  

ACE-to-ACI Collaboration:  ACE-lerate eManifest Portal users that subscribe to both the ACE and ACI modules have the added benefit of our eManifest Conversion Tool.  For every eManifest created, the Conversion Tool will create a mirrored conveyance/trip for the return!  This feature is a key benefit to having both ACI and ACE on the same system, allowing users to save time, reduce workloads and eliminate clerical errors that may occur with repetitive data entry.

  Other Benefits of filing eManifest Using ACE-lerate eManifest Portal:  
  Template features to minimize re-keying of repetitive data to reduce errors  
  Quick eManifest preparation and responses with email and cell phone SMS notifications
  Save time and money by filing directly to CBSA or CBP  
  Fully web-based requires no buying or installing of software; benefit from upgrades instantly  
  24/7 customer support via email, phone or live chat